The Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP) supports student achievement through a focus on teaching excellence. We don’t believe good teaching happens by accident, but that high-quality teaching occurs when there is a strong system and a strong profession that supports teachers.

Our priorities, which also remain the same, have guided the work we do:

  • Teacher Leadership: CSTP provides teachers with opportunities to develop leadership skills and contribute to policy decisions
  • Policy and Dialogue: CSTP engages the public in dialogue with the education community that is centered on powerful learning for all students
  • Research: CSTP commissions research and builds capacity for using data to inform policy discussions and decision-making

CSTP is a unique, innovative and independent Washington state nonprofit organization that helps build a strong, supported and effective teaching force for Washington’s students. Since 2003, we have and continue to promote state and local policies and practices to help thriving, professional educators positively impact student learning.

There’s just three easy steps you can take to find out more about CSTP and join us in this work – 1) sign up for our listserv, “like” us on Facebook and read our award-winning blog “Stories From School”.

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