Teacher Leadership Skills Framework

With the publication of the Teacher Leadership Skills Framework, the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP) takes another step toward articulating and clarifying the specific professional development needs of teacher leaders that will positively impact learning for students in all of our schools.

This framework can be used to design professional development offerings, serve as a discussion tool to address the dilemmas that arise when leadership is shared and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the roles teacher leaders assume in efforts to improve student learning.

Three companion tools are available. Teacher leaders can use the Teacher Leader Self Assessment to assess their current knowledge and skills and plan for their future development as leaders. School principals and other school and district leaders can use the School and District Capacity Tool to determine systems-level readiness to utilize the expertise of teacher leaders and support their work and development as leaders. Both teacher leaders and systems leaders can use the Mathematics: Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy tool which articulates the specific knowledge and skills teachers need to lead initiatives in mathematics.

We Want to Hear from You!

Over the years we have heard stories from educators on how they have used CSTP’s Teacher Leadership Skills Framework. Some have used it within their professional learning community, others have used it building-wide, and some have shared it with a single colleague.

Send your Teacher Leadership Framework story to Erin Marzwick at erin@cstp-wa.org. We want to know:

1) How you are using the Teacher Leadership Framework (is it in your PLC, building-wide training, individual training, resource at your district’s Teaching and Learning Office, etc)?
2) How large is your group using the Teacher Leadership Framework?
3) Name of school(s)/district(s) in your group
4) What do you find most valuable about the Teacher Leadership Framework?
5) Would you allow us to share your story on Facebook and/or Twitter?