Sounding Board

Part of CSTP’s mission is to amplify the voices of accomplished teachers and we’ve created Sounding Board as one avenue to do just that! Sounding Board is comprised of NBCTs who are interested in regularly giving the teacher’s perspective on relevant and critical education issues or policy implementation questions. Year-round, and particularly during the session, many of these critical questions will revolve around issues pending before the legislature about teaching and learning.

Sounding Board teachers receive quick response surveys and are committed to reading and responding to critical questions posed. Their responses are collated, thematically organized and communicated to decision-makers, as well as posted on CSTP’s website and may be used in other materials.

If you have an education issue and want to know what teachers think, engaging with Sounding Board is an easy way to find out. There are a couple of options to consider. One is to read the Sounding Board Response Summaries and type in your response, questions, and considerations in the ‘comment’ section, which will be posted to the Sounding Board website. If you have a more in-depth issue and/or want more in-depth response from Sounding Board, you can contact Nasue Nishida to discuss the option of a quick-response survey.

If you are a NBCT that is interested in finding out more about how to becoming a Sounding Board participant, contact Nasue Nishida.

Here are the summaries of Sounding Board responses to issues on teacher evaluation, Common Core State Standards and the President’s Blueprint for Education.