2018 TPEP Best Practices Colloquium

CSTP is excited to be hosting the TPEP Best Practices Colloquium “Learning from Student Growth” on March 1, 2018. This full day event will feature districts and schools from around the state sharing ways they are using what they learn from student growth to improve teacher practice and strategies to authentically connect student growth to the teacher evaluation system. The Colloquium facilitates discussion across and within districts as you learn about other district’s best practices and share your experiences. Registration is limited to 200 participants.

Registration: Opening Soon!
Cost: Free
Location: Tacoma, WA
Included in Registration: Breakfast, lunch and materials.
Not Included in Registration: Travel, parking, substitute costs, or clock hours.
Who Can Attend: TPEP teams or individuals working in a Washington public school district. Teams from each district are encouraged to attend together, and be comprised of district office representatives, building administrators, teachers, association leaders and instructional coaches. There is not a limit on the number of team members a district can bring. If you are not working in a Washington public school but interested in attending, please contact erin@cstp-wa.org to be added to a waitlist.

Workshops with Framework Author Representatives:

  • Patty Maxfield – CEL
  • Kate Dickson and Karyn Wright – Danielson
  • Tina Boogren – Marzano
  • Ron Sisson with Association of Washington State Principals (AWSP).

Presentation Teams and Workshop Topics:

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Yakima School District

Beyond Admiring the Data
This workshop will focus on the processes that the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School staff have used to create intentional collaboration for planning, assessment and adjustment with a strong focus on using evidence.

Lake Stevens School District, Mead School District, Spokane Public Schools

Grading for Growth: Transform Points into Passion
Have you spotted the ironies of traditional grading? Have you discovered how standards-based grading can prioritize learning and growth? This workshop will share how teachers in several secondary content areas have incorporated standards into assessment and grading, found overlaps between standards-based grading and the State 8 Teacher Evaluation Criteria, and discovered that standards-based grading practices can empower students in any classroom.

North Kitsap High School, North Kitsap Public Schools

Real and Relevant Student Growth
How do you move past tracking student growth for TPEP evaluation purposes to tracking student growth for student learning? Learn what techniques and strategies North Kitsap High School has used for making student growth real, relevant, and manageable.

Marie Curie Elementary School, Pasco School District

Keeping Student Growth A Focus For ALL Kids
Marie Curie STEM Elementary is a new school with big plans for serving their students, many of whom are English Language Learners. Come and learn how they have used strategies to monitor and motivate student academic achievement in their 5th and 6th grade classes.

Seattle Public Schools

Leveraging Teacher Leadership to Sustain Knowledge and Learning About Student Growth
This workshop will focus on how to engage various internal and external stakeholders in the process of building a teacher cadre with expertise in student growth and see how the cadre works to train and lead others in the district. We will talk through a case study from Seattle Public Schools and offer some resources participants can adapt for use in their own districts.

Walla Walla High School, Walla Walla School District

PLCs and Student Growth
This session will explore how two different PLCs analyzed student work to impact instruction and teacher learning. Learn practical ways that the teams collaborated to enhance their students’ growth through Criterion 8 and how the principal and teachers collaborated in the work.

Thank you to all who attended the March 1, 2017 TPEP Best Practices Colloquium in Tacoma, WA. You can now watch and access materials from this colloquium on our TPEP Colloquium Resources Page.

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