Leadership Lab

CSTP elected to use the format of a “Leadership Lab” as the means to regionally amplify the work of school districts that were effectively leveraging teacher leadership in their efforts to implement TPEP and to strengthen instruction. The model was based on the U.S. Department of Education’s Leadership Labs that they held following their national Teach to Lead Summits. One project from each summit was chosen to host a Leadership Lab to promote regional interest and garner support for the project.

Learn more about the format and how to host a Leadership Lab in CSTP’s Teacher Leadership Lab: “How-To” Guide and Toolkit.

Upcoming Leadership Labs:

We are planning Leadership Labs for 2017. Please sign-up for our newsletters for notifications on future events. If you have questions, or if your district is interested in partnering with CSTP and being a Teacher Leadership Lab host, contact Cindy Rockholt at cindyr@cstp-wa.org.

Past Leadership Labs

Lake Washington Teacher Leadership Lab
The Lake Washington School District and CSTP hosted a Teacher Leadership Lab on Thursday, December 8, 2016, in the Lake Washington School District. The focus of the Teacher Leadership Lab was to examine how this district has infused teacher leadership into their technology initiative — Mobile Access for Every Student (MAS). Educators learned how Lake Washington utilized teacher leadership to spread the use of technology access and training to teachers across the district.

Moses Lake Teacher Leadership Lab
CSTP’s first Leadership Lab was held in the Moses Lake School District on January 20, 2016, and highlighted in the local newspaper, Columbia Basin Herald.

Camas Teacher Leadership Lab
The second Leadership Lab was held in the Camas School District on March 21st, 2016. Both were invited to host Leadership Labs based on their prior work and demonstrated success in leveraging teacher leadership to implement the new teacher evaluation system in their districts.

Approximately 45 classroom teachers, teacher coaches and administrators participated in two teacher leader labs. Participants benefitted from the opportunity to listen and reflect so that they could dive deeper into the potential opportunities for teacher leadership within their own districts. Ultimately, based on the feedback from sponsoring districts and visiting participants, the hope is to replicate the process in the following year in at least two different districts.