NBCT Washington State Research, Reports and Press Releases

Washington’s National Board Certified Teachers are making headlines, both locally and nationally.

As the numbers of National Board Certified Teachers increases in Washington State, there is increasing interest in understanding who they are, how they impact student achievement, and what additional value they add to their schools and districts as leaders. A growing body of research aims to answer these questions and many more.

In December 2012 over 1400 NBCTs responded to a survey about the Washington State National Board incentives. Read the summary.

For a brief summary of research about the impact of NBCTs, read National Board Teacher Certification: Paying Dividends in Washington State.

The State Board of Education commissioned research to gather baseline data on the impact of the incentives for those who earn National Board Certification. Additionally, surveys of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) and principals reveal impact on teaching practice, as well as impact on schools as NBCTs assume additional leadership roles.

  • Executive summary of study (June 2010)
  • Full study (November 2010)
  • PowerPoint presentation to SBE (November 2010)

How do National Board Certified Teachers perceive the rewards and challenges of teacher leadership, and to what extent do they perceive themselves as leaders? What happens when teachers assume new leadership roles in their schools and school districts? Inverness Research Associates conducted an evaluation of the Washington Initiative for National Board Teacher Certification to answer these questions—and others. Their report has been segmented in small files for ease of downloading:

  • A description of the study and a summary of findings (PDF 41 KB)
  • A survey of National Board Certified Teachers and their assessment of the Washington Initiative as a source of professional growth and leadership opportunities (PDF 165 KB)
  • Findings from focus groups with National Board Certified Teachers (PDF 77.7 KB)
  • Fostering Leadership: Insights from National Board Leadership Grants (PDF 701 KB)
  • A presentation outlining the study and a summary of findings (PDF 110 KB)