National Board 3.0

NBPTS has launched a new website, designed to help potential first-time candidates interested in the revised certification learn about the value and benefits of certification and register to begin the process. The site was specifically designed to help those unfamiliar with Board certification make an informed decision, including video testimonials from teachers about the impact that certification has had on their practice, their students, and their schools.

NB 3.0 Won’t Change Everything

  • NBCT Bonus – Washington’s budget language for paying the NBCT bonus and the challenging schools bonus will remain intact, providing there are no legislative changes.
  • Conditional Loans – Washington’s revolving loan fund is stable. Conditional loans for new candidates are funded as current loan recipients repay their loan.
  • WA State Certification – It will always be a teacher’s responsibility to assure they have an active teaching license. If you have licensure questions regarding your personal situation, contact the OSPI Certification Office at 360-725-6400 or via email at If you have policy questions regarding licensure, you can contact PESB staff or any of the NBCTs who represent teachers on the Professional Educator Standards Board.  Also read about residency certification renewal options for teachers and counselors that went into effect in March 2014.

Participate in the Field Test

NBPTS is recruiting teachers to field test the new National Board components, beginning with the computer-based Content Knowledge component that will be delivered at VUE professional centers this summer and fall. Additional components will be field tested in 2015 and 2016. A large number of teachers are required to complete the field testing process and you do not have to have a National Board Certificate to participate. Field testers will receive a gift card and other incentives. If you have any questions about the field test, please email

Current Candidates

Washington already has more than 1,000 candidates registered for the current school year.  The process will not change for candidates who submit a portfolio during the 2013-14 school year, including the retake cycle.

Retake candidates from 2012-13 and previous years will continue under the current process (NB 2.0).

Take One!

After this year, the Take One! process will be discontinued. Take One! was designed as a professional development opportunity and consequently allowed someone to break the process into smaller chunks; all candidates will now have that option with NB 3.0.

Take One! participants who had planned to “bank” their 2013–14 score for the future will not be able to do so. Knowing scores from 2013–14 will not carry into NB 3.0, each Take One! participant should consider whether changing to full candidacy in 2013–14 is beneficial to his/her professional plans.

2013–14 Take One! participants have three options:

  1. Continue with Take One! – if a Take One! participant has chosen the Take One! process solely as a professional development opportunity or as an introduction to the Five Core Propositions, Standards, or reflective practice they are welcome to complete the Take One! process with the understanding that any score received cannot transfer to full candidacy.
  2. Withdraw from Take One! – any participant that does not wish to complete the Take One! process or switch their candidacy to full certification has the option of completely withdrawing from the Take One! process. Those electing to withdraw from the process will receive a full refund from NBPTS.
  3. Convert their candidacy to full National Board Certification as a 2013–14 candidate – Take One! participants will need to fully withdraw from the Take One! process and re-register as a full candidate. Any fees paid to NBPTS will be transferred to their new account to cover the initial payment as a full candidate (if fees were paid by a third party, the participant will need the consent of the third party to transfer the fees). If necessary, up to two years as a retake candidate will also be available to current candidates under the current NB 2.0 process.

Timeline And Rollout

No changes to NB 2.0 Last year for new candidates to register for NB 2.0. Existing process and timeline remain intact for all first time and retake candidates.
NB 3.0 Component 1 available Fall, 2014NB 3.0 Component 2 available Spring, 2015 New candidates
select one or both
NB 3.0 Component 3  available New candidates select one or more;returning candidates may add C3 or wait
NB 3.0 Component 4  available New candidates select one or more; returning candidates may add C3 or C4 or both
Fall 2017
First NB 3.0 certificates awarded
2018 and beyond
All 4 components available New candidates register for as many components as they choose, in any order

Component titles are not yet available from NBPTS.

State Network Partners Provide Candidate Support

OSPI, WEA, and CSTP are working to expand cohort capacity for 2013-14 in anticipation of an increased number of candidates during the fall of 2013. More than 100 trained NBCT facilitators have responded that they are available to help this year if we have a big influx of candidates in the coming weeks.

In the spring of 2014, once NBPTS has released more information about the format and content of the components that will be available in 2014-15, OSPI will sponsor NB 3.0 refresher sessions for trained facilitators who want to prepare for offering candidate support.

Conditional Loans

OSPI has already closed three rounds of applications and funded more than 500 conditional loans.. We anticipate offering one further opportunity; details to follow.

How This Will Affect Your Teaching License

Current policy allows a Residency certificate holder to apply for renewal upon entering a ProTeach program or achieving National Board certification. See OSPI’s Certification page for more information on maintaining your WA state teaching credentials.

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