NBCT Network

Empowering NBCTs to foster a relationship with their local policymaker is SO important! So often we think of our “policymakers” as state legislators. And, while those relationships are extremely important, our influence as NBCTs needs to extend to ALL parties concerned with educational policy. That includes (but is not limited to) local school boards, ESDs, OSPI, the state legislature, the federal government and the Department of Education. All of these bodies have some responsibility within our education system. We simply believe that NBCTs, who have demonstrated that they are accomplished, are logical advocates able to provide a unique perspective to these policymakers. We want your voice to be heard!

NBCT Policy Summit Recommendations – A document to help you advocate and to educate legislators and policy makers.

Check out Mandy Manning’s Sample Letter that she sends to legislators and read about the impact her letters have made on the Stories from School blog post “Building Relationships With Legislators – Sharing My Stories and Changing the Message”.