Policy & Dialogue

CSTP is committed to promoting dialogue about Washington’s schools and to moving from ideas to action. Here are some ways you can join us in this important work:

All Education Stakeholders

  • Sign-up for CSTP email. Receive updates on CSTP’s work, invitations to upcoming events and trainings, information about opportunities, summaries of articles about effective teaching and other information of interest.
  • Contact your representatives. Whether in or out of session, legislators, state agencies and other stakeholder groups continue to work year-round on education issues affecting K-12 schools, teachers and students in Washington. Stay plugged into the latest information on legislative issues in education including the outcomes of the session and the continued work of agencies, task forces and boards. Check out Mandy Manning’s Sample Letter that she uses when she contacts her representatives.
  • Join the discussion. Sounding Board is comprised of NBCTs that provide regular feedback, opinions and perspectives on relevant and critical education issues or policy implementation questions.


  • Attend a CSTP event such as the annual Mentor Symposium.
  • Read CSTP’s latest research to see how it can inform your work. Forward research to other educators and policymakers in order to spark dialogue.
  • Read CSTP publications such as the Induction Standards or the Mentor/Coaching Guidelines to see how your school or district can better support new teachers through mentoring and experienced teachers through instructional coaching.

Teacher Leaders


  • Make CSTP your first stop for reliable, timely data about the conditions in Washington’s schools to help inform your decision-making.
  • Read how policy impacts the classroom on CSTP’s blog Stories from School: Practice meets Policy. Engage the teacher leader bloggers in dialogue by commenting and posting questions.

Community Members