NBCT Leadership Conference at Skamania Lodge, November 22-23, 2014

Registration for the November NBCT Leadership Conference is now open to all NBCT teachers!  Even if you have attended a past conference, you are welcome to attend the 2014 November conference.

Register for learn more at http://cstp-wa.org/events-calendar/nbctconf/.

Why should you attend the November NBCT Leadership Conference?
1) Networking!  Meet passionate NBCTs from across Washington State, as well as the organizations that care about them like NBPTS, WEA, OSPI and CSTP.

2) Great content!  All speakers and presenters will connect their session learning to the Teacher Leadership Skills Framework.    Interesting and uplifting breakout sessions include:

  • Thriving in High-Needs Schools
  • Mindset and Grit: Two Necessary Tools for Achievement
  • Reading and Leading Across Content Areas
  • Equity, Diversity and School Culture
  • Using Teacher Voice; Blogging
  • Advocacy
  • Navigating the Systems of STEM
  • Science Soars Through Teacher Leadership within Multiple Systems

3) Rejuvenation!  We’re not sure if it is the picturesque surroundings, fresh air, great food or wonderful people, but past attendees attest that after attending the NBCT conference they are completely refreshed and excited to tackle the classroom with a new vigor.