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SAVE THE DATE – 2014 NBCT Teacher Leadership Conference!

This year we get to offer four dates to choose from for the 2014 Teacher Leadership Conference.

For NBCTs who are newly certified or who have never attended a Teacher Leadership Conference, be prepared for a conference experience like no other! There will be guest speakers, NBCT presenters, and resources to help you shape your leadership among a beautiful mountain setting. Learn, plan, reflect and connect with other NBCTs to make a difference in Washington’s schools.

Registration information will be coming soon, so stay tuned to this site!

Questions? Contact Cindy Rockholt, ( NBCT, SEED Grant Program Coordinator.

NBCT Organizes Finnish Education Conference

Sarah Applegate, NBCT and Fulbright fellow, is hosting a conference for Washington educators on learning what implementable strategies have worked for improving education. This is a terrific example of teacher leadership and a great opportunity to come and grow your own leadership skills by learning new strategies you could try in your building. For more information, go to CSTP’s Facebook or directly register for the Conference.

Regional Federal Waiver Focus Groups – Register Now!

CSTP is sponsoring a series of regional focus groups for teachers about Washington’s 1-year renewal of its federal waiver regarding the extent of its use of student growth data in educator evaluation (read here for more info). The focus groups will 1) provide the most current information about the waiver situation and 2) gather perspectives and ideas from teachers that will be summarized and provided to policymakers and other decision makers.

Focus groups will take place after school in four regions of the state and registration is open, but space is limited.

If you have any questions, please contact Nasue Nishida.

Clock Hour Information

CSTP is a Washington State approved clock hour provider. We not only provide clock hours to participants at all CSTP-hosted events lasting at least three hours, but can also be the clock hour provider for other training opportunities, book studies and other events for a group of teachers, in schools and districts or for organizations.

If you want CSTP to provide clock hours, you will need to complete the clock hour form  and submit it to CSTP. Participants must sign in each day of a multi-day training/event on a clock hour sign-up form. CSTP will also administer an evaluation form to participants following a training / event, as required by law. Once a year in mid-August, transcripts are printed and mailed to the home mailing address listed on the clock hour registration form. Requests for an additional “Official Transcript” will come with a fee of $5 to cover administrative costs.

Contact CSTP’s clock hour guru, Cindy Kleinfelter via email ( if you have questions or need more information.