CSTP on Fire – 10 Year Anniversary


CSTP is lighting 10 candles in 2013, celebrating 10 years of strengthening the teaching profession. Our work in supporting exemplary teaching, teacher leadership, and teacher voice has caught fire, as evidenced by the measurements below. Join us in celebrating a decade of accomplishments and accept our deepest gratitude for your participation in our work.


1 | Executive Director

Over the past 10 years Jeanne Harmon has grown the organization from an idea to a blazing force in Washington. Now employed by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jeanne maintains her commitment to support the teaching profession. She implements the state’s new teacher and principal evaluation system, oversees the National Board Certification program and administers funding to support beginning teachers.

3 | CSTP Staff Members

CSTP begins the next decade under the leadership of Nasue Nishida, who joined CSTP in 2008 as Policy Director, moved to Associate Director in 2011 and is now Executive Director.

CSTP’s staffing is strategic. While the organization is lean with three ‘”Jack-of-all-trades” employees, it does much of its work by contracting with the experts—teachers. Former director Jeanne Harmon’s fundamental tenet on operations has worked well:  “Get a bunch of smart teachers in the room and they will figure it out.”

  • Katie Taylor | Deputy Director of Teacher Leadership and Learning Initiatives
  • Karen Estes | Office Manager
  • Connie Kelly | Bookkeeper and Contracts Administrator

4 | 4th in Nation, National Board Certified Teachers

NBCTs are highly accomplished educators who meet high and rigorous standards set by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. There are 6,817 NBCTs in Washington, representing about 10 percent of the current teaching force.

8 | Board of Directors

Composed of educators and business/community members, CSTP’s Board of Directors has successfully provided leadership and guidance to the organization.

  • Jane Broom, Chair | Director, Microsoft Puget Sound Community Affairs
  • Betsy Cornell | NBCT, TPEP/TAP/NB Coordinator, Moses Lake School District
  • John Hellwich | Director of Teaching and Learning, Sumner School District
  • Erin Jones | Director of Equity and Achievement, Federal Way Public Schools
  • Corrine McGuigan | Professor and University Dean, Heritage University
  • Beth McGibbon | NBCT, Secondary History-Social Studies, Spokane School District
  • Larry Nyland | Retired, Former superintendent of Marysville, Shoreline, and Pasco School Districts
  • Sheila Stuhlsatz | NBCT, Secondary Spanish, Kalama School District

16 | CSTP Bloggers for Stories from School

If you say the word too many times, it starts to sound funny (like if you say “moist” or “pancake” too many times and they start to sound strange…maybe that’s just me). It seems like every sentence in my professional life includes that word “growth” in one context or another. Student growth scores, Professional Growth Planning, proficiency growth scales… I like it. It does something more than grades or labels once did: talking grades and labels felt so static and permanent, talking growth is talking movement. Where I used to talk to kids about “bringing a grade up” (in other words, struggling to move something beyond themselves) now I find myself talking to students about developing their skills and growing toward proficiency. There is a real difference.

Excerpt from Mark Gardner’s post Growth, Part One

22 | Initiatives (a sampling)

  • Partnering with OSPI, CSTP is supporting the implementation of the new teacher and principal evaluation system in two ways: 1) by helping develop, train and support a cadre of educators to instruct principals on the three instructional frameworks and 2) working with teacher leaders to develop reflective protocols about research-based instructional practice.
  • Through a collaborative partnership in the Yakima Valley with ESD 105 and Heritage University, CSTP assists core teachers and other school leaders in advancing their own skills in working with beginning teachers and provides mentors to HU 105 Alumni to assure success in their first teaching assignments.
  • CSTP is in its fourth year of partnering with the Auburn School District to provide the Auburn Teacher Leadership Academy (ATLA), a year-long program where Teacher Leaders learn strategies and skills that assist them and their colleagues to improve student achievement.
  • For over two years, CSTP developed and facilitated the Seattle Teacher Leadership Cadre. Teachers generated policy topics of interest and went through a cycle of inquiry resulting in an action, such as testifying before the school board, developing policy briefs or changing school practice.

26 | Printed publications, brochures  and research briefs

CSTP commissions research tween data that is available and data that is needed to address the most pressing issues about teaching in Washington. In collaboration with teacher leaders, the organization also produces materials and resources that are useful and relevant to the field.

  •   CSTP’s Teacher Leadership Framework details the knowledge and skills of teacher leaders and provides self-assessment and school and district capacity-building tools.
  • In 2010, CSTP and the University of Washington examined the impact of RIF notices (reduction-in-force) on the assignment, retention and mobility of the educator workforce in the Washington state.
  • In 2009, CSTP and the University of Washington studied the assistance and support classroom teachers receive to work effectively with linguistically diverse students and the “system of supports” for classroom teachers in four school districts.
  • With the implementation of the Washington state’s new evaluation system, CSTP published the Early Career Performance Expectations, a resource focused on the different needs and supports of beginning teachers.

125 | Average number of views/day from Stories School Blog

Named one of the top educational blogs in 2010 by the Washington Post, Stories from Schools includes bloggers whose posts are mentioned and quoted by national columnists. It’s hard not to pay attention to Stories from School.

400 | Number of hours to complete portfolio for National Board Certification

In addition to their daily work with students, National Board candidates average about 400 more hours collecting and analyzing evidence of student learning, writing and proofing entries and videotaping lessons for their portfolio submission.

1,085 | NBCTs attending the NBCT  Leadership Conference  at Sleeping Lady

For nine years, CSTP partnered with OSPI to offer a leadership conference focused on developing the leadership skills of newly certified National Board Certified Teachers. The teachers became part of a statewide teacher leader network, influencing education reform and seeding innovation beyond their classrooms.

6,817 | National Board Certified Teachers in 2013

  • 2003: 347 NBCTs
  • 2013: 6,817 NBCTs—an increase of 1,965%

20,563 | Participants attending  CSTP events, 2004-2013

13,020 | Clock hours earned by 3,300 participants at CSTP events

1,380,600 | Students who have been enriched by CSTP teacher leaders

$5,828,006 | Investment in CSTP

The Stuart Foundation provided funding in 2003 to launch a neutral, independent organization devoted to strengthening the teaching profession. The Foundation continued to be a major donor over the next several years, joined by Washington Mutual Foundation, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grousemont Foundation, and Martinez Foundation.

CSTP operations, activities, and contributions to the profession have also been supported by contracts for service:  $2,848,042.

CSTP gratefully acknowledges the role of foundations and contractual clients in igniting a blaze in Washington.