The Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to building a strong, supported and effective teaching force for Washington’s students.

Our Vision

CSTP is grounded in the belief that Washington state needs reliable, timely information about the conditions of teaching in each of the schools across our state, and it needs that information conveyed in ways that help educators, community members and policymakers improve schools. Our state needs a corps of experienced and talented teachers who can contribute to policy discussions based on their instructional expertise and commitment to students.

Our People

CSTP is built on a strong foundation of professional leadership, reputable financial support and diverse community partnerships. The CSTP professional staff is guided by a board of directors representing the parent, teacher and advocacy communities of Washington state. CSTP collaborates with government, civic and private industry organization.  Learn more about our current projects.

 The Case for Long-Term Investment in Strengthening the Teaching Profession

Inverness Research (see www.inverness-research.org) has served as the external evaluation group for CSTP since its inception in 2003.  They have published a paper that offers a reflective assessment of CSTP, at the time when CSTP was celebrating its fifth year.  Inverness Research reviewed CSTP’s mission and role, illuminated key features of its design and functions, and examined the value of the assets-or “educational capital”-that CSTP generates for Washington education.  They drew from our study of CSTP over the full five-year lifespan, and they also took into account what they learned from evaluating its precursor and now sister organization, the Washington Initiative for National Board Certification.  Their hope is to offer insight to current and future funders of CSTP, as well as Washington policy makers, education leaders and practitioners, the NBPTS, and similar centers in other states. Read paper.